Erizo (Lyrics)

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Cuida’o con el erizo
(Careful with the urchin)
Cuida’o con el erizo que te puya
(Careful with the urchin as it can sting you)

No te le pares encima
(Don’t step on it)
No te le pares encima que te hinca
(Don’t step on it as it can sting you)

Son muchos
(There are many)

Son un corillo
(There’s a whole group)

Ya te tiraste
(You already took a dive)
Ya te tiraste en tennis
(You already took a dive with tennis shoes*)

Puya pa’ti
(Puya for ya)

Puya pa’ti, eso es lo que hay
(Puya for ya, that’s what we have)

translation by the webmaster

* why is ‘tennis’ translated to ‘tennis shoes’ – In Puerto Rico we don’t use any other word for ‘tennis shoes’ or ‘sneaker’ other than ‘tennis’. Not even a spanish word and we never say ‘tennis shoes’. If I left it as ‘tennis’ it would sound like if in the lyrics they’re talking about the sport, not the shoes.