Frequently Asked Questions:

What does ‘Puya’ mean?
– a) n. Spike
– b) v. stings. For instance, on the song ‘Erizo’ where it says “Cuida’o con el erizo que te puya it translates to “Careful with the urchin that it can sting you
– c) adj. in Puerto Rico it also means black coffee without sugar: “I drink puya coffee”

Does Puya have plans to make a new album?
– Although there are no current plans, they see it as a possibility in the near future.

Who is the old man who’s voice you can hear at the end of some tracks from ‘Fundamental’ and the ‘Whisker Biscuit’ EP?
– His name was Brijido and passed away years ago. He cam be seen in the special features of the “Pa’Ti En Vivo – Live in Puerto Rico” DVD.

Quien mató a la cuarta parte de la gente del mundo? Fue Caín, que mató al hermano….y habian cuatro. Adan y Eva

??: Pero por qué lo mató?

Bueno, porque estaba vivo. Porque si no está vivo no lo mata.

(they both laugh)

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